Mission of Healing

God doesn’t intend for us to go through this life on earth broken and hopelessly burdened by all the pain and suffering that we encounter. While the pain and brokenness are part of our story, they aren’t the final word.

There is real healing that can bring new life and fresh perspective to the life you are living now – today – and a possibility of a restored relationship with your spouse, your family, your friends and your God that you may have given up on hoping for. Don’t give up hope.

We have a God who is a healer! He is a life-giver, a wonder-working, a mighty counselor and a savior. Yes, we will have trouble in this world. But we need not fear, because He has overcome the world. And He is with us, unto the consummation of the world.

Is Christ calling you into a deeper experience of His healing, His mercy, and His love? Are you struggling with wounds and broken patterns of thinking and behaving that have you feeling trapped and hopeless? There is hope. Do not be afraid to ask for more. He wants to give us everything!

Good therapy is more than just talking, and it’s more than just smoothing over the rough spots and difficult memories from our lives. When we invite Christ into those situations, those wounds, those memories, He can effect radical, transformative healing in our lives and in our families, and ultimately in the world.

These are big claims. but we have a big God. He invites us to suffer with Him, yes, but He also calls us into the light of the resurrection and says “I do will it. Be healed.” Your story isn’t over yet.

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“Karen has a passion for bringing healing to the Body of Christ! Her contagious enthusiasm for the things of God is rooted in the certainty that He has good things for His people. I always come away from a meeting with her refreshed and energized, knowing that she will give her best to help others experience His power to bring wholeness. Karen adds Holy Spirit inspiration to solid counseling skills, resulting in real help for hurting people.”

Jessie Mejias
President, Finding Home Institute

Healing and restoration is possible! "Behold I make all things new!" Rev 21:5